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I Have Gout – What Can I Eat?

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After one or two gout attacks it is normal for people to start doing some research into what they can do to stop the terrible debilitating pain that gout causes. It does not normally take very long for someone to tell that the greatest cause of gout is your diet.

So the usual cry is "I have gout what can I eat?" or they will mention their favorite foods and ask if they are OK to eat, can I eat eggs if I have gout, or cantaloupes or pork? It is easy to get tied up in your few favorite foods and forget to look at the bigger picture.

Stopping the pain is the first thing on your mind when you are having the attack but as the pain lies of and you realize that you will have to make some changes in your life then suddenly you will not have another attack or maybe the next will not be so bad and you will be able to bear the pain.

In fact if you do not change your eating habits your gout will get worse and worse and you could well end up in hospital with it. The uric acid crystals that have built up around your joints, particularly your big toe joint, will not go away on their own. If you carry on eating the same things that caused your gout then you will carry on having the pain.

Curing your gout is not a matter of changing your eating habits for a while, like anything that affects your health you need to make a conscious decision to change for the better for ever not just for now.

So what lifestyle changes should you be making right now to prevent another gout attack?
Get a small pocket diary and make a note of everything you eat and drink for the next two weeks, this means you can look at your diet with certainty rather than thinking you eat to much of this and not enough of that. Two weeks is a good amount of time as it allows you to stop trying to be good and only eat salads so the diary looks good.

Sit down and take a honest look at the contents of that diary, it shows that you consume,

:-Drink alcohol, particularly beer

: -Mushrooms

: -Certain fish items, sardines (in oil), herrings and anchovies among them

: -Liver, Kidneys or sweetbreads

: -Dried beans and peas

: – Soda and drinks high in fructose

These foods are all high in purines and that is what allows your body to make the uric acid that crystallizes and causes your gout. So the first thing you need to do is cut these items out of your diet.

Keep your diary for a further two weeks and see how many of these foods you have managed to cut out of your diet, as you reduce these foods and increase your intake of water you should see a decrease in your attacks of gout.

I know your next question, Is there anything I can eat that will help my gout?

Source by Paul Forcey

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