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How To Use A Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

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For many pizza aficionados, there’s no substitute for a wood-fired pizza oven. However, after purchasing one, you’ll need to take the right steps in order to operate it properly. Here are some helpful tips for using the oven as effectively as possible:

1. Learn the basics about the oven’s functioning.

You don’t need to learn about every single aspect regarding the functioning of the pizza oven. However, it’s important to have a general understanding about how the wood-fired pizza oven functions, and your main objectives when using it. Basically you want to infuse enough heat onto the cooking surface, and in the oven’s dome. This will help the oven’s heat to be evenly distributed, which will maximize the effectiveness of the pizza’s cooking. You’ve likely seen those dome-shaped barbecue grills that look like something out of a science fiction movie. Well, you want to achieve the same convection cooking when using a wood-fired pizza oven.

2. Cure the oven.

Curing doesn’t always involve healing! It’s important to cure your oven before using it to cook pizza, in order to prepare it properly for cooking your favorite pizza recipe. Here’s what to do. Light seven fires, while increasing the temperature and duration each time. Curing your oven is crucial, in order to remove the excess water from the oven. One of the keys to curing your oven is to do it slowly. By curing your oven too quickly, you could negatively affect its ability to cook properly, reduce the lifespan of the oven, and even cause damage to the oven!

3. Prepare the right tools for firing your oven.

Gather the right tools before putting your oven to work by firing it. That should include 1-2 fire-starters (non-toxic and odor-free are preferable); 2-3 pieces of hardwood or seasoned medium; and about eight sticks of dry kindling. Another option is to use a butane torch to ignite your fire. Either method will fire your oven effectively, to prepare it for making your favorite pizza recipe.

4. Push the fire to the oven’s side if you use hot coals.

When cooking via your pizza oven, it’s crucial to use this step instead of pushing the fire to the oven’s back. There are a few crucial reasons for taking this action. One reason is that the oven’s cooking will be improved. This is based on the functioning of ovens of the wood-fired variety. By placing the fire in the back of the oven, the cold air will have father to travel before it contacts the heat source. This will make it less likely to create a round convection path.

Also, pushing the fire to the side will allow you to see the pizza’s side. When the crust becomes browned, you’ll then be prepared to rotate it. The process is much more challenging when the fire is located in the oven’s back.

When you’re ready to prepare your favorite pizza recipe, these aforementioned tips will help you to use the wood-fired pizza oven as effectively as possible.

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