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How to Make Your Wilted Leafy Greens Look and Taste Like New

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Leafy vegetables and those gourmet herbs are sooner to dehydration after even a short while. Our patience is to throw them out when they wilt and get a bit soggy because we think they're not good anymore.

But wait! Do not throw them out – revive them instead!

Here's a simple procedure to breath new life into your leafy greens:

1) Trim decaying leaves or rotten spots from the greens or head of lettuce to be revived. For lettuces and endives, also trim a thin layer from the butt end.

2) Fill a container with enough slightly warm (tepid) water to cover your greens.

3) Completely submerge your wilted greens in the warm water and leave for about a minute.

4) Remove the greens from the water and drain well on paper towel or an open oven rack.

5) Place the greens in a sealable plastic bag or other sealable container and place in your refrigerator for a while.

Voila! Your leafy greens will “crisp” up and be good as new.

Why does this work?

Well the technical explanation is rather long winded, but the warmth of the water causes the leaf to open up and take in moisture. Refrigeration then shuts down the process of water absorption and causes the moisture to be retained.

The moisture strengnthens the cell tissues causing the cell walls to firm up. Trimming the ends before immersing, contributes to the capillary action (ability of the plant to absorb moisture) similar to the way it does with cut flowers.

Use this technique for herbs, lettuce, endive, spinach, chard and many other leafy greens.

It will not only enhance those wilted greens, but can also add to their shelf life.

Source by Gail Madison

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