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How to Make the Best Home Made Pepperoni Pizza – Fresh Pepperoni is Best

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I can be very picky about pizza. I've worked in numerous pizza joints and I'm always searching for how to make the best pizza at home. This search has led me to discover some techniques that you need to beware of to make a perfect pizza. The most important thing that I have learned is that freshness matters. Whether discussing the dough, the toppings, or the pizza sauce, your pizza will always be better if you use fresh ingredients.

Probably the most overlooked item when making a pizza is the dough. The best pizzerias I worked in made their dough from scratch daily, and the worst would use frozen dough to save money. You have to remember that the crust is the foundation of any delicious pizza. A pizza that has a crust that is flavorless is going to taste bad.

I also highly suggest making your sauce from scratch as well. Yes, you can save time by using a can of pizza sauce, but to me it just is not worth it. You need to understand that pizza sauce is not the same thing as spaghetti sauce. If you're making it fresh, make sure you taste it as you go so that you find the exact flavor you want. Try adding garlic and some oregano to give it a good flavor. Another secret is to add a bit of sugar to the sauce as this will reduce the bitterness.

So many people think that the cheese is the easiest part of the pizza, but in my opinion they usually get this wrong. You need to use a mixture of a few different types of cheese to find the right balance as well as the right texture. The texture that you're looking for is one that allows a piece of pizza to pull apart and not stick together. My favorite combination is a mixture of mozzarella, provolone, and jack. Once this is on the pizza I like to sprinkle Parmesan cheese lightly on top.

Since we're talking about a pepperoni pizza, let's discuss the pepperoni. The pepperoni that comes in large bags at grocery stores doesnt taste very good to me. I've found the best pepperoni by heading to the deli section and asking them to slice me off around 20 or so slices. It tastes fresher than the pepperoni you buy in bulk. Another mistake people make is putting too much pepperoni on the pizza. Yes, you want to put on more than you would get from your local takeout, but if you use too much your pizza will be undercooked.

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