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How to Find Pizza Made With Natural and Fresh Ingredients

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In a world filled with chain restaurants and prepackaged foods, it can be tricky to find pizza made from fresh, natural ingredients. But with a little work and research, it's not impossible. There are still a few places that make their own ingredients on a daily basis.

You have two options when you're looking for healthier pizzas. The first is to find a local pizzeria that uses fresh ingredients. This is more likely if you go to a locally owned shop as well as some of the casual dining restaurants that have placed more emphasis on that particular offering. Believe me, it's worth the research.

Talk to the owner or the manager and ask where they buy their ingredients. Ask if they make everything fresh daily or if they use frozen, pre-packaged food. This might have been an unusual question ten years ago, but with more and more Americans trying to eat healthy, all restaurants are becoming more accredited to this type of inquiry. Ask if they have whole wheat offerings – some places are providing those options. If the owner gets upset with the question, then you'll know there's a good chance they're using prepackaged ingredients.

Sometimes you will not need to ask; often your taste buds will give you the answer when you bite into the pizza. It's a world of difference in the flavor.

The first thing that makes a pizza "fresh" is the crust. Some restaurants use frozen and even prebaked crusts. To create the best tasting pizza, a restaurant needs to make their own fresh dough on a daily basis.

Your second option, if you can not locate a restaurant that uses the fresh ingredients you desire, is to make the pizzas yourself. Many people bake their own pizza at home so they can be sure the ingredients are fresh and as healthy as possible. This way, you can make your own sauce, use fresh veggies, or any other type of ingredient that you choose.

Cooking your own pizza at home is a good way to adjust to any specific dietary requirements of your family members. Some people need to watch their sugar intake. Other people want to cut down on how much fat they consume, so they want to use mostly fresh vegetables. A lot of home cooks prefer to use whole wheat for the pizza dough instead of white flour. The best way to know for sure that you're getting the pizza you want is to ask all the right questions and if you're not satisfied, make the pizza at home.

However, with some research, you can often find a customer oriented and health conscious pizzeria owner who is willing to make some adjustments. These owners or managers really believe in customer service and will make your pizza to your requirements. This is generally more likely if you're a regular customer. When you find a pizza place like this, spread the word and let you your friends and family know. Word of mouth is still the best way to keep small, locally owned businesses going strong. Believe me, they will really appreciate your appreciation of their offering and bringing in new customers.

Once you've had pizza made with fresh, hand tossed dough, covered in homemade sauces and fresh ingredients; you will not want anything else.

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