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How To Create A Quick Healthy Meal In Less Than 30 Minutes

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One major obstacle to cooking is that most of us do not have sufficient time. We have to rush to our office or college or gym, prepare for tutorials or hang out with friends. In the process, cooking becomes a chore and a casualty.

Most college students live by themselves (probably for the first time in their lives) in self-cateredorms, hostels, halls of residence, apartments, whatever. They either starve themselves or survive on street food — sandwiches from supermarkets, instant noodles that you can have straightaway (that you do not even need to boil), etc. In the process, they become deficient in vitamins, minerals, proteins and a lot of other good stuff, which is not really a good state to be in when you need to muster all your resources for excelling in your chosen courses of study.

For newly employed people, work related pressures are such that surviving on takeaways becomes the norm and sometimes even the preferred option.

Research shows that manufactured food products contain harmful additives that are not really good for anyone. Pre-cooked and packaged foods also come loaded with hidden fat, sodium, and preservatives and on top of that keep on losing, whatever little nutrition they originally started with, in storage. It is becoming more and more important, therefore, to cook your own food no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

The trouble is that even when we are able to cook something, time does not permit us to make a full balanced meal.

However, there is a way out.

With proper sequencing and parallel processing, you can create a meal from scratch in less than 30 minutes.

Do not be alarmed with the use of such big words as "sequencing" and "parallel processing". This is no rocket science because unconsciously we all continue "sequence" our actions and do "parallel processing".

When you wear your socks before slipping into your shoes, have not you just "sequenced" your actions in a very logical manner? And who does not walk while listening to music but then you just indulged into some "parallel processing", howsoe'er ill-advised it may be, especially when you are walking with traffic around you.

Cooking is no different, except that you probably do not know how with proper sequencing and parallel processing you can reduce your drudgery by many, many folds.

Sequencing and parallel processing allows us to plan our meals in such a manner that while one dish is getting ready, we can make the others. This little planning in advance can reduce both the cooking and preparation time considerably and enable you to prepare a full 3-4 course meal literally in a JIFFY. Let's suppose you are baking chicken for 30 minutes. While your chicken is inside the oven for 30 minutes, you can utilize those 30 minutes to sauté vegetables and toast garlic bread. So, in this way, you can have a full meal of baked chicken, sauté vegetables and garlic toast in just 30 minutes.

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