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How I Lost Weight After A Self-Indulgent Winter

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Source of the Problem … As many of our site visitors already know, Peri is not just a good cook … she's a world-class international-menu chef. When we got married, she was 'only' a great Turkish-food cook. But then, when we lived in the States between 1976-1992 – she first learned everything my mother (another great chef) had to teach her about my favorite American foods, and then she branched out … proceeding to learn all my Chinese Chow, Mexican Meal, Italian Cuisine, and Indian Food favorites.

And, thanks to friends and family who have always sent us 'hard to get' ingredients and spices, nothing changed for me great-food-wise when we returned to Turkey in 1992. I've been able to enjoy whatever food I wanted – and plenty of it. As a consequence, I tend to gain a 'few' unwanted pounds in winter every year – which I need to shed before my first beach appear in late April. But, this year I went overboard … This year I ballooned to 99 kilos (218 lbs.) During the winter months. And at my height of 1.83 meters (6'1 “), I was wayyyy overweight – as you can see in the photo .

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