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History of Pizza

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It has taken almost 3000 years from the evolution of pizzas to their current stage of 21st century pizza. The word Pizziare first began in Italian transcripts some 1000BC that is 3000 years ago and is believable to mean 'a point' in old Italian, which later evolved into the word pizziare which now means to pinch.

By 997 the word Pizza appeared in Latin and by 16th century in Naples a flat bread was referred to as a pizza. The pizza was a baker tool to confine the temperature of the oven. It was given as a dish for poor people and was considered not as a kitchen recipe.

Before tomatoes were introduced to Italy a white sauce was used on the bread but with the introduction of tomatoes in the 16th century from South America, even though the first ones were poisonous, by the 17th century they were added to the dough bread and the base was stated and we have the beginning of the first pizza.

Mozzarella cheese was slowly becoming popular in Italy with the introduction of buffalo from India. Then in 1889 cheese was introduced onto the pizza and that is when the classic pizza was created.

In that same year a tavern owner called Don Raffaele Esposito created the first pizza using tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil, which was named after the current queen of Italy called Margherita Teresa Giovanni and that is the being of the Mozzarella pizza.

By the late 19th century when Italians started migrating to America they bought across with them the pizza. Soon after they started opening up simply groceries stores and inside that they were selling pizza. The first true pizza store was opened in around 1905 by a guy called Gennaro Lombardi which was located in a area called little italy at 53 rd spring street in New York.

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