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Great Places to Eat in Washington, DC

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Being the diverse town that it is, Washington DC has admitted the reputation of having amazing food quality and a large variety of restaurants to cater to all tastes and budgets. Here are some unforgivable places to eat in Washington DC:

If you want to taste amazing Turkish food, Le divan on Wisconsin Avenue will definitely satisfy your palate and curiosity by presenting you with many diverse dishes that are simple, clean, yet bursting with Mediterranean flavor. I highly recommend their kebabs, hummus and grape leaves, cigar boreks filled with cheese, and their Turkish version of pizza. This restaurant is medium priced andivers top class service.

If you want to scarf down the best cheeseburgers in DC, the place to go is Five Guys. It is located a little further down on Wisconsin Avenue, around the Georgetown area. It is very laid-back and the burgers are made from real, natural beef and they are absolutely delicious. They are so scrumptious and have become so popular that Five Guys has opened up many other restaurants all over the metropolitan area. The pricing is cheap and the atmosphere very genial. You need to try a Five Guys Burger if you're in DC It is quickly becoming an area institution, especially among the college crowd.

Further down in Georgetown and off of M St. is located the best Afghan kebab place you have ever been to, Moby Dick's. The venue is tiny only fitting a few tables, but the taste of the meat is out of this world and is spiced to perfection. There are different types of Kebabs; ground beef, lamb and chicken served with amazing aromatic rice that really fills you up. The pricing is cheap, the quantity of food generous and the taste to die for. This great place is quickly increasing in popularity and becoming a chain so there are also others like it around the city; in Dupont Circle and Bethesda amongst other places so you can get your Moby Dick fix wherever it strikes you.

If you love Indian food, then you must dine at Heritage India on Wisconsin Avenue, the food is authentic and delicious; Whether it's their Nan, Samosas or Matter Paneer, you can be sure to leave here content and planning your next visit. It is not uncommon to encounter the Clintons there having dinner as it is one of their favorite places. This restaurant delivers great service, wonderful food and is also reasonably priced.

t is often forgotten that Washington DC was considered part of the South, so you can count on getting the best chili dog experience you've ever had here; a favorite place of many local celebrities. Ben's chili Bowl on quaint U Street is both a historic landmark and a restaurant where the chili recipe has not changed for decades and has still retained all of its flavor. The restaurant itself and its decor will transport you back to 1958 which is when the restaurant was created. You can see on the walls pictures of all the famous celebrities and former presences that have been here. There is always a line of people waiting to get their chili with a hot dog or on its own, burgers and other delicious fare but the thing you must try before leaving are their incredible chili cheese fries. You will never forget the chili you have here and you will unduly come back if you're ever in DC It is just the kind of place that is able to engorge you with such pleasurable feelings of being full beyond capacity but oh so satisfied.

This is but a mere sampling of some good restaurants in Washington DC There are many more amazing restaurants to discover in DC featuring foods from all over the world that are sure to deliver a remarkable culinary experience you will never forget.

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