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Give It Away – Pizza Marketing and Advertising

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There are many pizza shops across the country who are looking for new ways to get new customers in their door, or to get their current customers to try new things from the menu. The best way, to date, to do this is by giving away free pizza! It is hard to turn down FREE.

How did you get your first customer in the door? Did you open up and wait, did you put out a bunch of advertisements, or did you give away free samples? Each of these will work, but some are better than others. It takes time and money to keep a pizza shop running.

Think about it this way. If you already have the staff in the store, the ovs running, and no customers; what are you going to do? The best thing to do is get someone inside to try your pizza! Give it away and hope they like it …

Believe it or not, there are many ways to give away free pizza. One way is to simply hold a sign outside your shop saying "Free Pizza for the Next 5 Minutes – Dine-in Only" or "Now Giving Away 3 Free Pizzas – Details Inside." The purpose of this is to simply get someone in the door. Once they are in you can up-sell bread sticks, sodas, or salads.

It is one thing to give away free pizza but make sure you get some kind of money in return. You will not get a returning paying customer until you get them to put out some kind of money the first time! There are many logical reasons for this but that will be another article some other day. If you are going to give away free pizza, make sure you get paid for something else.

Another way to give away free pizza is to current customers you already have in the dinning room. The purpose of this method is to get them to try something new. It will not help you so much this time around, but if they liked it when you offered a free sample. Chances are if they liked it once, they will like it again. The trick here is to make sure it is one of your more expensive specialty pizzas!

One of the biggest things about giving away free pizza is to make sure they enjoy it. Do not annoy the heck out of them, just simply ask if they are enjoying their pizza and if they would come back. If they say yes, give them some coupons or special offers. If they say no, ask why and do what you can to get a yes!

A different way to give away free pizza is to have one already made in a box and walk around to local businesses or a busy street offering free samples. With doing this it is somewhat harder to get direct feedback but you can hand out coupons with a menu and tell them to try your pizza!

Think about it this way, there are not many reasons to give away free pizza if you are not going to get some feed back or a potentially new customer. Every business is different and so is every pizza shop. Get them in the door to try yours and grow your paying customer base by giving away free pizza!

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