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Four Steps to Effective Pizza Pushing

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America loves pizza, but how can you push pizza on people in today's economy while not blowing your entire advertisement budget? The answer is to rely on simple cost effective methods for increasing awareness of your pizza brand. Some methods require an initial investment to set up while others may just cost you a few labor hours and the price of going to Kinko's. The overall end result will lead to an increase in total revenue and a greater exposure to your brand. Although there are many different ways in which to market your pizza these four steps are relatively cheap and are employed by the largest pizza chains in the world.

Specific Deals for Slow Times
This is the cheapest method of pushing pizza. If it's not football season, you can expect some down time at some point during the day. First you have to recognize the times in which sales are the lowest and labor costs are hurting you. Second, after recognizing this slow period in the day, determine an attractive deal to offer during this slow period. For example, on Tuesday s between two and four pm are the slow times during your work week. You could initiate some sort of expiring offer during these times, something simple like a $ 5 large one topping pizza from two to three, and then the price increases to $ 6 from three to four. Some revenue is better than no revenue at all during these slow times.

Door Hanging
This is the second cheapest method of pushing pizza by directly hanging some form of coupons, the name of your pizza place, and a phone number on your customer's front door. The cost of doing so would include the labor cost of the person assigned the task and the cost of printing out the coupons. One way to further reduce these costs is to have delivery drivers put door hangers on the current customers' neighbor's door. In doing so, you factor out the labor cost because the driver is already on the clock and delivering to a current customer.

Keycards for Hotels
Most hotels nowdays require keycards for entry. If your delivery area is comprised of several hotels, this plan can work wonders. When someone checks into a hotel, most of the time they are out of town. Putting your pizza place on the keycard ensures that potential customers are seeing that you are an option for their meal. This method does involve some investment on your part starting around $ 300 for 1000 keycards, but the keycards are universal and will work with any hotel. Also most hotels will gladly pass the burden of ordering the keycards on to you. The end result should pay off your investment costs and have an attractive increase in revenues as well.

Utilizing this method is a way of achieving free advertising through placing a magnetic billboard on your delivery drivers' cars. Although this method requires the highest initial setup costs, the benefits are completely worth it. The cost at the low end is around $ 100 each, but you can generate about 3 to 10 additional orders per cartopper, per day.

Ultimately, you have to choose the methods that you feel most comfortable doing. If your location is in a suburban area then you probably would not want to rely on hotel keycards. Vice versa, if your location is in a rural area you probably would not want to door hang. The effectiveness of these methods has been proven by such big names as Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Domino's, etc. These methods will work for you.

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