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Farm Frenzy 3 – Pizza Party Review

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Farm Frenzy 3: Pizza Party is the third game in line, following Farm Frenzy and Farm Frenzy 2. This game is quite similar to Farm Frenzy 2 but with some good improvements. Some of these include that inclusion of trucks and planes that may be modified and the map has also been made more appealing to players. The game maintains the same layout as the previous installation and the same playing format. If you enjoyed the first two versions of this game then the same will apply to the most recent release.

If you have never played the first two Farm Frenzy games then let me introduce the concept to you. This game is a time management game. As the name suggests it involves the basic running of a farm with tasks such as tending to livestock such as chickens and goats to get items such as milk or eggs. These then move to the farm buildings where they are made into final products such as cream or even egg powder. A part of game play includes the may need to order items for use in the production of these products such as yeast for dough and so on. In Farm Frenzy 3: Pizza Party there are also options such as selling the product in the city and upgrades to production lines to produce product in a shorter time or of a better quality. There may be animal attacks on the farm such as bear attacks and you have to manage these as well with the aid of dogs and cats that you have the option to purchase.

There are many goals to achieve in Farm Frenzy 3: Pizza Party at each level and a lot of strategy is required to meet the goals. There are nice graphics in this game and a good challenge to keep you occupied due to the use of timers to track play make achieving a gold medal on a level require some skills. There is a smooth flow in game play and you can keep playing even if you did not get the goal medal on the level.

As you get more engrossed in the game you get better at determining the needs of a particular scene and game play becomes second nature. This new installation is based on using ingredients from the farm such as dough and cheese and making pizzas that are made with many ingredients flown in from city areas. There are several recipes for many countries and this means many products to make. Farm Frenzy 3: Pizza Party has a total of 28 compared to the previous value of 16. The game also has 90 levels for extended game play and has a lot of variety to keep you busy. Some other nice features are the reduced plane flight time meaning planning trips does not have to be as far in advance and the new map is quite nice to use.

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