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Diverse Cooking and Recipes of Different Countries

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Italian cuisine is among the finest expression of their culture. It's ultimate trademark is that they cook food with its best and freshest ingredients. This is the reason why Italian food varies in different regions since they depend on the place's prevalent product. Typical Italian dishes are composed of pasta with all kinds of sauce such as tomato sauce, fish or white sauce, etc. During Christmas they have ravioli in brodo and a fruit cake called panetonne. At Easter they serve a dove-shaped cake called Colombia. These are proofs that they are inclined in pastries and baking. Traditionally, midday meal, which usually happens at around 1pm to 3pm and last for a couple of hours, is the most important meal of the day. It is a three to five course meal that starts with antipasto which is mainly a small serving of pasta. Then, it is followed by the main course which can be meat, poultry or fish and a contorno which is a serving of vegetables. It ends with a dolce or dessert. Most Italians prefer water and wines.

Chinese cuisine varies in every region but most Chinese dishes are cooked with less meat and more vegetables and are cooked in a short period of time. They also serve the dish mostly in small servings and bite sized portions. Dim Sum which means small snack is often practiced. Beijing is known for its Beijing Duck, Cantonese for its steamed boiled and stir-fried foods, while Sichuan is noted for its spicy food such as Gongbao chicken. They have 3 varieties of noodles that are made from egg, wheat or rice flour and two types of noodle dish called lo mian and chow mian. Soup and tea has been a part of the tradition too.

Arabaian cuisine mainly used lamb and chicken because pork is highly prohibited. They extensively use dairy products specifically yogurt called labneh. Herbs, spices and greens are also mixed in their food. They have three basic meal on regular days: breakfast lunch and dinner. Breakfast is often a quick meal of bread and dairy products, lunch is considered the main meal, while dinner is the lightest meal. During Ramadan, there are two qualifications of meals and consumption of sweets and fresh fruits are served between these two meals. Futuur or fast-breaking is taken at dusk when fasting is over, while Sahur is the meal eaten just before dawn when the fasting must begin. Hot drinks such as coffee and tea are preferred than cold drinks.

We can not really define what is the trademark of American cuisine. They have been influenced and accepted a lot of dishes from other countries. They love almost everything may it be Italian or French, Chinese and even Southeast Asian dishes. They eat hotdogs, pizzas, pasta, tacos and pie. They eat most kinds of poultry, fruits and vegetables. They love to drink beer and sodas.

There is really a huge variety of cooking and recipes across different places, and they are definitely all worth tasting.

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