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Discover the Holiday of a Lifetime

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The holiday of a lifetime is a concept typically associated with romantic honeymoon couples, devil-may-care gap-year travelers, wealthy holidaymakers or stringent savers – intent on reaching the ends of the earth for an experience that money can not buy. The only irony being that the holiday of a lifetime conditionally involves great expense.

While once in a lifetime holiday itineraries would inevitably vary from person to person, ending images of golden sandy beaches, swimming in tropical lagoons, touring notable historic town centers and relaxing in the glare of stunning sunsets would be iconic for many.

For some, a cruise, or chartering a private yacht to sail crystal clear waters aboard and enjoying extreme or water sports – such as paragliding, abseiling or scuba diving along reefs – is the acme of holiday heaven.

You might consider a holiday of a lifetime necessitates a journey to the other side of the world, but it need not; you can find all of these things in Turkey. In a country widely acknowledged to be the 'cradle of civilization', and with civilizational history stretching back 10,000 years, it's little wonder that Turkey can offer tourists the opportunities for a holiday of a lifetime like no other country.

With land ties to both Asia and Europe, Turkey conjures a unique wealth of culture that is dynamic to its core. Turkey fuses ancient with modern both culturally and geographically through the seven regions – Aegean, Black Sea Region, Central Anatolian Region, East Anatolia, Marmara, Mediterranean and Southeast Anatolia.

Turkey's varied landscape offers a rich diversity of tropical beaches, traditional marinas, bustling cities and impressive mountainous regions and, because it's surrounded on three coasts by seas – the Mediterranean to the South, Black Sea to the North and Aegean to the West – opportunities abound for swimming, sunbathing and sports. Such diverse geography provides Turkey with temperate Mediterranean warmth approximate to its coastal regions and a drier aridity towards Turkey's interior.

What's more, Turkish cities boast ancient architecture, historic sites of interest and lush park lands – ideal for offering variety to holidays in Turkey .

With a trip to Bodrum you can marvel at the amphitheater, which dates back to the Carian reign in the Hellenistic Age, and visit the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Fethiye is popular because of its traditional marina and elegant bay, filled with bars and restaurants serving classic Turkish cuisine of fresh fish, grilled meats and herbal teas. Whilst Olu Deniz is renamed as Turkey's 'turquoise coast' and boasts famous overseas bays with some of the best swimming in the Mediterranean in the crystal clear blue lagoon.

Indeed, with there being so much to offer for any visitor to Turkey, when planning your trip more often than not the most difficult aspect is deciding which city to visit first.

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