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Different Types of Pizza

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There are lots of Italian restaurants all across the country; and they generally serve a style of pizza unique to their area. So, no matter what kinds of pizza you enjoy, you can find chain restaurants like Pizza Hut and Domino’s, or the local mom-and-pop sort of places; and each has its own unique style of pies.

One of the most popular is the good, old-fashion New York-style pizza. This kind is with a thin crust, a really nice tomato sauce, and a blanket of cheese. If you are a true New Yorker, you will not put a lot of toppings on the pizza; that is considered a virtual mortal sin! Also, be sure to fold your slice in half as you eat it. If you truly love toppings, then you can get the meat-lovers, which means getting ham, pepperoni and sausage; or go with a veggie pizza, which has enough color and greenery to make you think you are eating a tossed salad.

Jumping to the other end of the country, there is the California pizza. Like the New Yorker, it is a thin crust, but there the similarities end. Californians are known for being very healthy conscious, so they tend to load up their pizzas with many organic offerings, all of them locally grown. So, depending on the time of your, you can end up with a whole host of seasonings on your pizza; from orange bergamot to nettles, you never known what to expect.

Then in the middle of the country, you have the Chicago style pizza. This is where the thick crust comes into play, and the true connoisseurs prefer it made with butter and oil. It is said that this recipe yields a buttery flavor, and gives the crust a rather bread-like texture. Another difference about Chicago pizza is that the cheese goes under the sauce. Also, any extras – onions, pepperoni etc. go between the cheese and sauce. It is said that this kind of pizza is so thick; you really have to use a knife and fork to eat it.

Another very popular style of pizza is the Neapolitan. It is one of the few types of pizza to not have an American name; and its method of preparation kind of reflects that. Usually, a Neapolitan is cooked in a brick oven, or wood-fired oven, and the crust is kept very thin and bubbly. It is not uncommon for the crust to be charred just a bit in some areas. As a result, when you eat a slice, you get quite the mixture of tastes – the sweet and tangy delight of the tomato sauce blended with a light bitterness from the crust, and then just a hint of licorice flavor from the basil sprinkled on the pizza. Also, this type of pizza generally has less cheese on it. It is customary to use mozzarella as an accent to the sauce, not as an all-encompassing cover. Finally, Neapolitan is unique in that you never serve it by the slice, and you do not get it pre-cut.

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