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Diabetic Diets – Eating a Sensible Breakfast

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Eating a sensible breakfast is very important for diabetics. They must regulate their blood sugar daily after waking up. It needs extra attention because the body has gone a long time without any food while the individual was sleeping. Because the morning is often a rushed event for people who must attend school or go to work, breakfast is often skipped or eaten as an afterthought. For those with diabetes, these are dangerous solutions to lack of time and effort. It is important to check blood sugar regularly with a testing kit. These are available through companies selling home medical supplies. Keeping track of calories and protein will help to keep glucose levels at a manageable level.

No More Coffee and Doughnuts

While coffee and doughnuts or muffins are a popular choice for most people, this is one of the worst choices a person with diabetes can make. The excessive caffeine in the coffee at mealtime raises the blood glucose levels. The doughnuts are high in carbohydrates and sugar, but low in protein and nutritional value. This leads to an overload on the body’s blood sugar, resulting in problems such as dizzy spells and diabetic coma. Trade in the coffee for tea or decaf, and the doughnuts for something with more nutritional value, like eggs or cottage cheese.

Try Some Eggs and Ham

Focus on a low calorie count combined with a higher protein level. Scrambled eggs, toast and juice with a slice of ham or turkey bacon are reasonable, nutritious choices. Eat multi-grain bread instead of white. Cook the eggs and bacon in the microwave to save time. Use whites only or egg beaters for an even higher nutritional value with a lower fat and caloric intake. Avoid juices with sugar added and treat even natural fruit juices as if they were carbohydrates. A little bit of juice in moderation is good for vitamin and mineral value. Using home healthcare supplies to track the effects on blood sugar is especially helpful.

On the Go

For those on the go that prepare food the night before and eat it on the way, there are a number of unconventional foods that can be eaten for breakfast. Most people might consider them as snacks or for lunch, but as long as a diabetic’s blood sugar levels are in check, it is really a matter of personal preference. Have half a ham sandwich on whole grain bread with low-fat spread.

A slice of cheese will add protein and calories, but could be just what the doctor ordered. A hard boiled egg can be eaten quickly and easily on the bus or at the desk. A pack of melba toast or whole grain crackers makes a nice accompaniment to the hard boiled egg. Wash it down with a cup of green or chamomile tea. If a diabetic is feeling light-headed after a regular breakfast at home, keeping a bag of almonds or peanuts on hand for a quick boost in protein is an alternative, as well.

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