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Design Your Own (FREE) Pizza Restaurant Flyers Online, Amazing Templates!

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What better way to promote a pizza restaurant than with a colorful flyer? These enticing yet simple promotional tools will attract hungry customers in droves. A photo or two of the fabulous fare, plus the logo and perhaps a shot of the pies being prepared fresh and hot – these will sell your pizza for you! The best news of all is that flyers don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to create. In fact, restaurant owners can easily and quickly design flyers online, then get right back to running the business!

Find a Template

Search online for ‘free pizza flyer templates’ or a similar phrase and check out all the easily customizable choices available. There’s no need to be a web designer or graphic artist to get great results with online templates. Just read about the different options available and try one. Have some photos on hand, usually in jpeg or png formatted files, to include on the flyer. The reason for those file formats is because they provide full color option, not just RGB that does not offer realistic, clear and crisp photos. Often the template is hosted on a printer’s website, so ordering printed final copies will be a snap.

User-Friendly Instructions

The simple process of customizing a template usually involves uploading the photos, and cropping them to focus on the appetizing menu item pictured. A logo should also be uploaded and possibly re-sized to appear prominently on the page. Next, compose a line or two about the business, for instance how long you have been making pizzas, etc. And most importantly, include a tempting offer to pull in those new and repeat customers. Choose an eye-catching yet easy-to-read font. Entice them with a ‘dollars off’ offer, since these have been shown to perform better than a ‘percentage off’ offer. Add the restaurant’s phone number, address and perhaps a map. Now, take a look at the draft flyer before committing to it and sending it for printing.

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Is the offer complete and enticing? Is it good enough to pull customers in? Sometimes giving the promotion a theme is what it takes to make it stick in the mind of your customer, such as a Columbus Day pizza special, or perhaps a “Be an Italian at lunchtime” special. Make sure your coupon has the proper limitations, expiration date and number/ limit of specials per customer. The photos and specials are what will really sell people, since most of us are extremely visual. Unfortunately there’s no good way to convey the delicious smell on a flyer! It’s helpful to have a second pair of eyes evaluate your flyer, checking for typos or other errors. Have someone else read it over before ordering printed copies.

Free pizza flyers are one of the most cost-effective ways to get the word out and bring hungry customers in. By using free flyer templates online, it is possible to actually do everything from the comfort of your computer because many printers even offer direct mailing of the flyer for less than the cost of a postage stamp. Design, print and mail without ever leaving your chair!

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