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Dastar, From the Arabic Kitchen – Restaurants in Hyderabad

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What you see – The moment you step into Dastar, the fairy tale world of Arabian Nights will flood your mind. Well, almost … except for missing troupe of belly dancers!

Dastar gives you the option of a sit-out or a cozy meal inside. If you opt for the former, you could have your meal with a view of the KBR Park and if you are the indoor types, the private dining rooms are quite snug.

What you get – The restaurant's specialty is the Arabic food that it dishes out, although the Chinese and the Indian spread is also available. However, it has more variety in the non-vegetarian fare rather than the vegetarian one. So veggies could stick to (and relish !!) the Veg Manchow Soup, Masala kulcha, Sesame paneer, Garlic naan, Fried rice and the like.

For the non-vegetarians, the Shorba Dijaj, a chicken-based soup and the Shorba khudra, a starter are sure delights. If you prefer bland food, you could go for Hummus (chickpea in sesame paste) or try the Muttbel, a vegetable-based starter for something spicier.

But if you do not like experimenting and would rather stick to something that suits the Indian palate, then the Arabic kebabs, Aishwalahm (a rice dish with chunks of fried lamb) and Dijaj mafrum (baked chicken) are safe bets. The price range is affordable here.

The verdict – We liked this restaurant for its uniqueness – both in ambiance and in food variety. We'd rather recommend it to the non-vegetarians than to the vegetarians because of the variety that they offer for the former.

What you pay for a meal for two – Rs. 500 (without wines).

Source by Shah Barkha

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