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Cypriot Cuisine

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Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean. It lies just to the South of Turkey, and is also fairly close to the Levant. From 1878 to 1960, the island was under British administration (and was a British crown colony from 1925 to 1960). In 1974, following a military coup and attempted union with Greece, the Turkish armed forces invaded the northern part of the island, and since that date the island's administration has been divided (although the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is not generally internationally recognized except by Turkey).

Cyprus has many historical and cultural links with Greece. The majority of Cypriots are ethnically Greek, speak the Greek language, and worship at Greek Orthodox churches. As a result, Cypriot cuisine shares many features with the cuisine of mainland Greece. Of course, the island also has links to other countries too – and these links to Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa, are also reflected in some Cypriot dishes as well.

The most famous food product from Cyprus is “halloumi”. This is a salty tasting cheese that is somewhat reminiscent of mozarella. Halloumi is traditionally made from a mixture of sheep's and goat's milk, but nowdays, when produced on an industrial scale, cow's milk is frequently used as well or instead. The cheese is often garnished with mint, can be cooked, and is often grilled – one of the most popular ways of eating it is “halloumi and lounza”, where the cheese is grilled together with a slice of smoked pork or lamb sausage.

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