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Could You Use a Commercial Oven in Your Home?

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Many people do not realize that there is a huge difference between a commercial oven and the standard residential oven. Ovens that are used in restaurants and other food preparation establishments have to really be able to take a beating.

A lot of folks choose to have commercial ovens installed in their homes, because they love to cook and do it quite a bit. The differences are apparent at first glance.

Larger Cooking Surface

A commercial oven usually has six burners on the upper stove part, the lower oven part is usually much wider and deeper. Of course this is rational because the ovens that are used in restaurants have to typically cook large amounts of food at one time. In the home it is not expected that this will be required.

In addition to the larger cooking area, the screws that control the heat are also larger. It may be actually easier to use the control the heat is easier to use because of their size.

The oven itself is bulkier and takes up more room.

Types of Ovens

For commercial use there are many different types of ovens that are used. For example in a bakery or any establishment that bakes bread you will find an upright oven, that will have many racks to hold the pans of bread. These ovens can be up to six feet tall and hold many pans of bread.

Pizza ovens are also a commercial oven and they are specifically used for the purpose of making pizza. There are also special ovens that are dedicated to baking an array of goods.

Most establishments will have many different types of ovens, not just one type, this makes it much easier to bake and prepare many different foods at once.

Purchasing a Commercial Oven

These types of ovens have become very popular to have in the home. There is a style trend for people to have gourmet kitchens in their home. At one time the only place that you could purchase theses types of ovens were from large restaurant suppliers, but because of their popularity they can be purchased through many home improvement stores and kitchen specialty stores as well.

It is a good bet however that most restaurants and other commercial establishments will make their purchases through professional restaurant suppliers, where they know the ovens are made to last.

A commercial oven is a necessity for businesses and a luxury in the home.

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