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Cooking With Greek Yogurt and More

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There are many things you can do with Greek yogurt to make your diet healthier and heartier. You do not have to sacrifice the addition of condiments, just change their character a bit to promote healthy eating that does not pack on the pounds and clog up the treaties. If you've ever wondered why people who live in and around the Mediterranean are able to maintain such a generally healthy appearance and lifestyle, the predominance of this rich food in their diets is partly “to blame.” Here are a few ways to add Greek yogurt to your diet and reap the benefits of its fat-fighting prowess.

Pancakes. If you're going to eat them, you might as well spruce them up! Strawberries or blueberries on top of homemade pancakes, with Greek yogurt substituting for the whipped cream or butter really kicks up the health factor. Remember, this yogurt burns fat and promotes digestive health, so even with a high-carb breakfast like pancakes, they can work wonders. Beside, who ever said that pancakes were bad for you? Depends on what your goals are.

Next, we have quite the Greek yogurt-inspired snack in veggie-dip. Instead of your average high-calorie, high-fat dip with poor nutrition content, opt for the strained yogurt variety. Eat with celery sticks, carrots, spinach, broccoli or anything else you favor. Since it's a snack, you can even go with baked chips or something along these lines. Mix the ranch together with Fage Plain Greek yogurt for a delightful snack with protein and zest.

If it's still the hot summer months, or you're just in the mood for some healthy sweets, then you can freeze a Greek yogurt mixture to make a Popsicle or frozen yogurt / smoothie. Add fruit for even more tasty fun, after combining vanilla with the yogurt. Blend it all together and let it sit in a slush pod or Popsicle-mold for a few hours before you enjoy it.

Who says you can not have your cake and eat it, too? Fudge brownies and cakes, if you have to have them, go well with a dollop of Fage Greek yogurt on top instead of artery-clogging whipped cream and icing. Toss in a few strawberries, raspberries and blueberries too to round out the snack and get some antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in the snack.

A personal favorite dish with Greek yogurt substitute are tacos. Chicken tacos, to be exact, with the traditional sour cream replaced. The rich creaminess of the strained yogurt really adds a new dynamic to the overall flavor and you will not miss the usual topping. Season with cilantro for added health benefits.

Another neat dish is a tuna-salad concoction. With potatoes, chicken and iceberg lettuce all mixed in with some Greek, you nix most of the pant-line-extending mayo and add the yogurt instead. The caloric content is reduced, the protein is bumped up (significant) and the delicious taste is preserved – and maybe even enhanced.

A surprising use for plain Greek yogurt is as a sub for the butter in a macaroni and cheese dish. Similarly, recipes denoting its use as the bulk of the dip in a spinach and artichoke chip-dip abound. The point is, Greek yogurt is almost infinite-variable, and you can add it to the foods you normally eat for a dose of healthy attributes and additives.

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