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Cooking Delicious Pizza!

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Besides toppings, the second most important aspect of a mouth watering pizza is that it is cooked to perfection. Too much heat and the crust will burn and become too crunchy. Too little heat and the cheese will melt, but the crust will not fully cook.

The solution to cooking a perfect pizza is simple … you must use the right equipment, and in this case a conveyor pizza oven is the ticket. You see, a conveyor pizza oven is built to cook a pizza evenly by allowing heat to penetrate from all angles. Even heat distribution is the most efficient way to cook a pizza, and is the only method that guarantees that your pizza will be cooked perfectly, every time.

How They Work

Although quite a bit of technology goes into each oven, the concept of the unit is quite simple and logical. Place the uncooked pizza pie on the conveyor at the beginning of the tunnel and and let it do the reset of the work! After about 5 minutes, the cooked pizza will appear at the end of the conveyor ready to be served to the customer. The speed at which the conveyor moves will depend on the size of the pizza that is being cooked, and can be programed simply by pressing a button.


The only major drawback of one of these ovens is that it has more complex parts than a traditional pizza oven, and may be more prone to mechanical problems. They may also require more upkeep to ensure that they function properly. Some conveyor ovens can also be a little more difficult to clean than traditional pizza ovens, however, most of the newer ones have easy access hatches that allow you access to the conveyor for fast and easy cleaning.


A conveyor pizza oven is an excellent investment for any busy restaurant or pizza parlor that wants to keep their operation running efficiently. The advantage of a conveyor pizza oven is that you do not have to constantly check the pizza like you would have to with a traditional pizza oven. Simply place the pizza at the beginning of the conveyor, and once it comes out the other end it's done. These units heat up and are ready to be used in under 20 minutes, and remain ready for use until shut down.

Simply put, one of these ovens may be exactly what your restaurant needs!

Source by Maggie J. Martins

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