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Coffee Serving And Dining Etiquette: Different Styles For Different Folks

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Coffee beans are the second largest commodity traded in the world after petroleum. That is a lot of beans! Coffee is one of the most widely accepted beverages among many cultures.

Coffee is gaining greater acceptance in countries that were previously non-coffee drinkers as a result of effective coffee marketing and adoption of coffee drinking by younger generations everywhere. It is a fact that the world is becoming smaller everyday. Interaction with people from foreign cultures and different backgrounds is a normal occurrence. Understanding proper dining and coffee serving etiquette can be a valuable asset for building new relationships, closing business deals or simply breaking the ice with new people.

There are some fundamentals that almost everyone follows when setting a table or area for dining. The specific decor may varies depending upon the occasion but space consideration is a central decision point to offer a comfortable gathering experience. Diners should not bump elbows due to overcrowding around a table. A spatial plan for the number of guests and the type of chairs or pillows used for seating is important so the setting is comfortable for everyone. Table settings do not have to match. Different patterns of sterling silver, color of place mats, napkin rings or other decor variations can make any table quite memorable.

The formal dinner table will feature eating utensils organized as they will be used, a very practical principle for accessibility and safety. For example, the serrated edge of knives should face inward. Salad and meat forks to the left of the plate. Soup spoon outside of the entree utensils. Salad and meat knives on the right side of the plate. Dessert fork and spoon with the dessert plate or, if preferred, over the place setting with the fork point right and the spoon above it with its bowl point left.

A good idea is to use a full-body glass with a short stem for serving water. Some beverages demand a specialized glasses for wine, champagne, or other drinks. The coffee cup should be in the saucer at the right of the setting with the coffee spoon on the right of the saucer. A formal dinner features small or demi-tasse cup sizes to serve espresso and strong black coffee. After a meal, it is customary to serve coffee in medium size cups or teacups. At breakfast and informal gatherings, coffee drinkers prefer to serve coffee in large cups. Depending upon the formality of the occasion, guests can serve their own coffee or the hostess can go around the table and serve it more formally.

When the entertainment centers on food, people tend to spend more time around the table, sharing with each other and not rushing . Eating slowly is a healthy habit that helps with digestion . It also helps to savor the food one bite at a time and to enjoy the coffee sip by sip .

Dining with people from different nationalities is always a very interesting experience . For example,

1. Many Europeans keep their hands in view above the table. French people, after cutting food, keep the knife in the right hand and use the fork in the left hand to put food in the mouth. Italians place bread directly on the table and tend not to use bread plates. Different styles apply to different people.

2. In some cultures, adding extra salt and pepper to the food signals displeasure with the dish. Huge coffee mugs are not well accepted in the Middle East; instead, special demi-tasse cups are refilled frequently. Turkish people love coffee with milk and sugar.

3. The French prefer hot milk with coffee prepared in a French coffee press complimented by a croissant or some other pastry. Irish people invented the famous cappuccino, basically espresso with steaming milk topped up with whipped cream. The cappuccino drinking tradition has been adopted by millions worldwide.

4. Espresso coffee serving usually is in special coffee saucers and even coffee trays. In the Orient, where coffee is becoming a beverage of choice to many over tea, regular milk is not used. Vietnamese, for example, prefer to use thick condensed milk, blended with sugar and coffee beans. In Brazil, coffee is served in very small cups that are constantly refilled. Brazilians love their cafezinho as much as Colombians like their tinto , also served in small cups.

Coffee is a very popular beverage that helps to end a meal with a delicious aroma and taste that is usually the perfect final dining touch to remember. The choices are many for after dinner coffee: complete selection of almond, chestnut, hazelnut, macadamia, pecan flavors, and an endless list of liqueur flavored coffes such as Amaretto Royale, Butter Rum, Egg Nog, Irish Cream, and White Russian.

Of course, a great cup of 100 per cent Extra Fancy grade Kona coffee makes anyone's taste buds feel in heaven! Go ahead, enjoy your coffee!

Source by Timothy S. Collins

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