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Chios Greece – Unique Mastic from Chios Island

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Famous for mastic, olives and figs,
Chios Greece is an island of breath taking scenery and old
villages untouched by time. Chian amphora have been
found as far away as Gaul, Egypt abs Russia. Chios island
was the site of a brutal Turkish retaliation after the
Greek revolt. Over 80% of the population was

Look up mastic and the island of Chios Greece is mentioned by
name. Mastic is an indigenous evergreen shrub that
yields a hard, bitter resin. The bark is wounded, sap
oozes out and dries. When chewed, or similar
processed, the resin becomes bright, white and spicy.
The resulting product is used to flavor liqueurs and
chewing gum, among a long list of other foods.

Chios island is famous for mastic and for olives and figs and
wine. It is blamed for its breath taking scenery.
Chios island is a Greek Island in the northeast Aegean Sea,
about 5 miles away from the Turkish coast. This is
one of the few places it is possible to take a ferry
from Greece to Turkey.

Chios island is fifth largest of the Greek islands. The city of Chios,
also known as Chora, is the capital and chief port.
There is over 200 km of coastline. There are many
bees with clean sands or smooth pebbles. On the
north end of the island, small villages rest on high
mountains, seemingly forgotten by time. Residents
practice age old agriculture techniques. Tourists are
rarely seen. There are old citrus groves surrounded
by high stone walls built to block the winds and
protect the fruit.

This Greek island has been inhabited since Neolithic times.
Archaeologists have discovered cave dwellings and an
ancient necropolis. The size and duration of the
settlements have not been well established. Chios island is
thought to have been unoccupied through the Bronze
Age. Later, chiefdoms developed. It is generally
accepted that Homer was a native of Chios Greece. Ionians
most likely colonized the island, most likely
emigrating from the mainland. Chios island was one of the
ancient members of the Ionian League, the largest
exporter of fine wines. Chian amphora, clay vessels
bearing a sphinx emblem with bunches of grapes, have
was found as far away as Gaul, Egypt and Russia.

Beseiged by Rome, Chios Greece was held next by the Persians.
Christianized while being held by the Byzantine
Empire, Chios island was next occupied by the Saracens. In
the early1200's, Venetians claimed Chios Greece, then passed
it on to the Genoese. Chios island prospered under Genoese
rule until the Turkish takeover in 1566.

In 1821, Chios Island joined in the general Greek revolt, and
for some reason was singled out for especially severe
punishment by the Turks. Most of the population was
slaughtered, enslaved or managed to escape. Over 80%
of the population was annihilated. That massacre of
1822 triggered massive out through much of
Europe, and is still remembered today.

Greeks retaliated, some time later, by blowing up a
Turkish ship in their Chios' home port. Even later,
in 1881, a massive earthquake killed many of those
living on the island. In 1912, Chios island became part of
Greece, as it is today.

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