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Checklist For Someone Moving to Germany from the UK

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If you are moving from Britain, here is a list of home comforts that you might not find easily in Germany and may prove to be useful to bring with you.

4-way UK power socket – you can put a Euro-style plug on the end of this – save's buying many plugs for your appliances in the short term.

Bacon – If you enjoy bacon, bring some with you to freeze, you can not buy British-style back bacon in Germany. The same goes for Irish pork sausages.

Brown sauce – if you like it, then bring it, you'll never find it cheaply or easily here

Cadbury's chocolate – if you like it, then bring it, you'll not find it cheaply or easily here

Carrier Bags – You pay for them in Germany (in most supermarkets, although Walmart provides them for free, although the amount is highly monitored by the checkout staff!) – you'll find a plentifull supply of these invaluable when it comes to going to the supermarket and not knowing how to get the items that you've bought home!

Curry Sauces and Spices – If you enjoy Indian food, then you'll be glad that you bought your sauces and spices with you. It is possible to buy a bland generic curry sauce in Germany but it will not compare with British or Indian sauces. Some Turkish food suppliers stock a variety of Indian spices but the prices will not compare to what you are used to paying in the UK.

Salad Cream / Dressing – if you're not too fond of having salad floating in vinegar, then bring your own dressing. The German salad dressing is too sour for most British / American / Canadian tastes.

Satellite System – if you're a Sky subscriber, then bring you system with you and transfer the account to another UK address, the receiver will work here and you'll be amazed how easily it can be setup. Note that unless your TV is very recent, then it will probably not be able to pick up German Cable TV broadcasts as the tunable frequency range is not wide enough for British TV's to handle. Americans can leave their TV at home, there's no chance that that'll work.

Soft toilet roll – very expensive in Germany – although beware that the normal 'set' size for German toilet roll is a little smaller than the British / American variaties so the roll may not fit into the roll holder!

Special soaps / detergents / shampoos that you may like to use

Tea bags – 'Schwarz Tee' is available but not usually to the strengths that you'll be used to. One can normally buy PG Tips for example, in local Turkish and Asian shops.

Source by Dave Small

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