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Cheap Ethnic Restaurants in Montreal

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Montreal is one of the most fascinating North American cities. This is the city where you can enjoy eating out inexpensively without even compromising quality or taste. Montreal shares food cultures from all over the world and offers access to a wide variety of cuisines. In fact, you may try a huge range of ethnic delights in Montreal restaurants. You can be sure to taste various foods from more than eighty different countries and provinces while touring Montreal. And more often than not you may fill up your palate for less than $20!

Here comes a selection of some wonderful Montreal ethnic restaurants wherein you can enjoy a tasty, satisfying meal for under $20.

Antep Kabab:

This is one of the popular Turkish restaurants in Montreal serving you the delightful Turkish kebabs. This fast food outlet serves the best kebabs in the city. Ethem Kalkan, the owner of this restaurant is known to be originally from Antep. Now Antep is believed to serve the best of kebabs in all over Turkey. Whether you have been to Turkey or not, you can certainly enjoy them at the Antep Kebab.

At Antep Kebab, the meat is cooked over charcoal grill. The bountiful portions are accompanied by lip smacking skewers which are served with salad, tomato sauce and barley. You may also try the home-made bread which is served warm with nice crunchy crust.

Pho Bang New York

Chinatown, Montreal has several Vietnamese restaurants. The Pho Bang New York is one of the highly recommended Vietnamese restaurants in Montreal. The restaurant features ‘pho’ which is a famous Tonkinoise rice noodle soup. The secret to their success is the succulent broth which is simmered with ginger, fresh coriander, shallots, stewed beef bones. The grilled beef strips served at this restaurant are simply delicious and lend an extra depth and a hearty flavor to this Asian classic.

Vegetarian spring rolls form a new addition to the interesting list of menus. Also try the drip coffee in Vietnamese style. This sweet and strong coffee will keep you energetic all day long. The Vietnamese drip coffee is similar to an espresso served in glass and includes a thick dollop of the sweetened condensed milk. You may choose to stir it with ice. Here is another coffee to try- the Vietnamese iced coffee also known as the café sua da.

Le Petit Alep

The Le Petit Alep offers you a modest bistro version of Alep, its sister restaurant. This is a well-known Armenian restaurant in Montreal found across the Jean Talon Market. They provide a fine list of menus including the pita roules, sausage, shish taouk, marinated lamb and pita sandwich. The full-sized platter served with rice and salad is available at a whopping $10. There are other special Middle Eastern classics like Mouhamara, humous and others available on the menu and are found to be equally divine.

No matter if you are a non-vegetarian or not, you can try out their vegetarian platter. They make some great appetizers to share with all your friends, including eight house specials which will give you the opportunity to taste a bit of each and everything.

Source by Soma Piyali Nath

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