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Campfire Cooking Recipes – Pizza

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One of the little known campfire cooking recipes is for pizza. Try the advice below and you'll make a tradition of having pizza while camping!

Start by purchasing pre-made contracts from the grocery store or making your own contracts the night before you leave on your camping trip. You will need to take along a frying pan for cooking the pizza so it would be a good idea to pack the crises in the pan so they do not break while in transit. The frying pan will also provide an even surface while cooking so the crusts do not crumble and break. If you are going to want to add meat to your pizza such as browned hamburger or sausage, purchase lean meats at the store and prepare from home. Some other meat toppings may include bacon, chicken or salami. Pick whatever you normally enjoy on your pizza. Put the meat in an airtight container after it has cooled and store overnight in the refrigerator. If you will be traveling with foods that may go bad if not refrigerated, take along a cooler with ice and keep the foods safe for consumption.

After brushing on some olive oil, spread tomato sauce and the desired spices onto the crusts. At this point, consider adding some chopped garlic for great taste. Add the toppings of your choice to the pizzas. Try tomatoes, pepperoni, shredded cheese and assorted vegetables to create your specialty pizza. Great additions to the pizza might be mushrooms, green peppers, onions and zucchini. Remember that the crust will be the closest to the fire and it will not take long for the crust to brown. If you have a lot of toppings that will need heating through, the crust may burn. If you add the vegetables on top of the cheese, the cheese is not likely to overcook. When you have finished creating your pizza, cover the pan tightly with tin foil. It may be beneficial to spray the foil with nonstick spray so the melted cheese will not stick. Move away the hotter coals from the bottom of the fire and nestle the pizza pan into the bed underneath. To cook the pizza from both the top and the bottom, add a few hot kindling pieces on top of the foil. This will cook from the top and the bottom and ensure even heating.

If you would like try a different tasting pizza, consider using cooked chicken and barbeque sauce instead of pizza sauce. The smoked taste will really come through after cooking on a fire.

Once the cheese is hot and bubbly, the pizza is ready to enjoy. Take care to remove the foil as steam has likely built up in the container and may burn you. Allow the pizza to cool as the insides are very hot. Nothing spoils a camping trip like a burned tongue!

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