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Beyond Pizza, Add On Products Really Add Up

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You've got the great location and fantastic pizza, so now what? How can you build on your existing business model and increase revenue? The easiest way to generate profits for your pizzeria is to incorporate add on products into your repertoire. The addition of a few supplies to your existing pizzeria equipment can enhance your guest's experience, and encourage higher guest checks. Understanding what your guests want and expect and providing it for them can boost revenue, and increase guest satisfaction.

Chicken, Versatile and Profitable

Very few foods hold the universal appeal of chicken. Its lean, mild white meat is perfect for a variety of preparations. Whether baked or fried, chicken is an affordable, profitable addition to any pizzeria's menu. When introducing chicken to your pizzeria's menu it is wise to first research products and equipment that you may need. It is advised that you commit to high quality deep fryers and chicken cooker pans to ensure premium product results. You should also listen to your customers, and tailor your offers to their tastes. Start each new menu item by offering a complimentary sample, either in your pizzeria, or included with delivery orders. Encourage customer feedback and carefully review what is being said about your product. Make necessary changes before the item becomes a regular on your menu.

Utilize the Ingredients You Have On Hand

Often, your next big menu item can be discovered using products and equipment you may already have on hand. The key is to examine every part of your operation for possible money making opportunities. Re-purposing traditional pizza equipment in new ways puts a fun and memorable twist on your pizzeria's concept. Serve bread sticks and homemade marinara on beautiful wooden pizza peels for an easy "wow" factor. Turning pizza dough into bread bowls for dips is another easy way to impress your guests, and add a new twist to an old standby. The trick is to utilize your products to their fullest potential to create memorable add on items, that have low food costs.

Soda, and Specialty Drinks

Selling drinks with your pizzas is a no brainer, as everyone gets thirsty! In addition to offering traditional soft drinks, research specialty drinks and packaging that compliments your concept. If your establishment has a traditional neighborhood feel offer soft drinks in traditional old-fashioned glass bottles. You could even promote "buckets" of bottled sodas where guests can mix and match their selections. Offer non-traditional flavors like cream soda and rootbeer for an even helmet selection. If your concept is more upscale, consider in-house beverages that can be made on promise. Rootbeer is easy to make, and can be showcased along your pizza. If your pizzeria utilizes a show kitchen with views of your pizza dough preparation, allow guests to watch the brewing and bottling process as well. Design custom labels for a truly memorable experience.

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