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Best Pizza in Chicago – Where to Find It

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Pizza is a favorite dish and snack in Chicago. There are very many dining establishments that attempt to satiate the taste buds of the picky Chicago residents. Some of them do a pretty good job, while others are just awful. In order to make sure that you never land in the awful pizzerias, here is a list of where to find the best ones in Chicago.

My Pie Pizza in Wicker Park

What is wonderful about this place is its variety. People who love deep dish pie will get what they want here. Those who prefer the thin crust option will also get it here. Furthermore, there are a lot of options when it comes to toppings and ingredients as well as dough recipes.

Candlelight in West Rogers Park

This restaurant is famous for its delicious meals. One of the highlights is the 2 for 1 pizza special every Tuesday. Some of the tasty delights on the menu include Italian beef with giardiniera and the Hawaiian variety with Buffalo Sauce.

The Antica Pizzeria in Andersonville

This is a very authentic pizzeria. Most of the ingredients are sourced from Italy. Even the techniques that are used to make this tasty dish are Sicilian and Neapolitan. One of the noteworthy dishes is the Pistacchio e Speck. It does not have any sauce, and some of the toppings include mozzarella, sliced ​​speck, roasted pistachios, shaved Parmesan cheese, truffle oil and arugula.

Great Lake in Balmoral Avenue

This restaurant is a trendsetter in pizza making. It has been recognized for its tasty trips by a lot of experts and foodies. Nick Lessins, the person responsible for all these pies, churns out some of the best treats using tasty ingredients and one-of-a-kind recipes. Even celebrities wait patiently for their meal in this place.

Reno in Logan Square

There is no denying that Reno is one of the best places for people who enjoy wood-burnt pizza. Some of the toppings available at this joint include fennel sausages, jalapeno pesto and smoked chicken.

The Boiler Room in Logan Square

This restaurant gives Reno a run for its money, as they are both in the same neighborhood. However, it is the residents of this place that benefit from the healthy competition and the tasty delights. The Boiler Room is known for its chicken and club inspired pizza pie. Its kitchen churns out a giant thin crust meal that is sold by the slice or pie. A notable specialty is the Thai Serrano which has ingredients such as cream cheese sauce, chicken, Sweet Chilli oil and Serrano peppers.

Almost every neighborhood in Chicago has a great pizzeria. However, the residents of these neighborhoods are lucky as they live or work close to some of the best pizzerias in Chicago.

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