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Best Lesson on Empowerment – Set Your Heart FIRST & Your Head Will Follow

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I used to be a teacher and consultant and you know the old saw about allowing your students to teach you. Well, the best lesson on empowerment I ever received was from one of them.

My business practice had been refined to the point where my only clients were foreign-born entrepreneurs who hungered for better communication skills in English.

One client, a Turkish gentleman and restauranteur *, became a personal friend and taught me more about networking success than I had ever learned until I met my current mentor who later echoed what Ilgar shared with me one day.

Most do not know much about Turks, so I'll tell you this: they are passionate . Originally from Mongolia, their ancestors centuries ago were drawn westward across the steppes of Asia, settling finally in Anatolia. Their culture is a unique combination of Western achievement and Eastern philosophy.

Allow me to illustrate:

“Ilgar, what's up with you Turks? Why are you so 'crazy' passionate?”

Laughing along with me and then turning serious, Ilgar told me, “Let me tell you how we think and feel. It is easy. We do not trust Brain because Brain can be trained and tricked. But Heart, Heart is a personal problem “, as he lightly tapped the center of his chest.

“When Heart is set, Brain can work very easily. Brain can go on because it sees things black and white, which way to go.

I'd hear many, many times the expression a “passionate mind” and realized from this conversation that this was the rabbit hole I had fallen through when I tried and failed in my first three multi-level marketing companies. Tumbling down, I was confusing the activities of my heart with those of my mind. I was feeling with my mind and thinking with my heart. My Heart had not been properly and completely set. Consequently, my brain raced, convinced the next thing to do cinch success for me. And then the next and the next.

What Ilgar called “setting Heart”, my current mentor calls knowing, really nailing, your “WHY.” He says “Heart” decisions run deeper and last longer than “Head” decisions. “Network marketing habits based on higher motivations and emotional connections are hard to break. ”

And once my heart decided, my mind knew what training it needed and which way to go.

Source by Tony Lauria

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