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Best Foods Around the World

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This article is especially for all you foodies and passionate travelers. In the past few years, traveling has been pretty much my main activity. Traveling the world has helped learn so much about the different cultures and unique cuisines.

Masala Dosa, India

Chutney, pickles, tomatoes, lentils and a wrap made out of rice, this dish is a gem of Indian Cuisine. It is pretty complex to make but Indian chefs are an expert and don’t make you wait too long. India’s best Masala Dosa is found in Banglore.

Crayfish meatballs, New Zealand

This mind-blowing dish served at Badduzi in Auckland, New Zealand is an instant favorite for those who try it for the first time. The juicy meatballs are the highlight of this dish.

Beef Burger, Global

The In-N-Out fast food chain serves the best burgers. You can try out these popular burgers in different locations all across the world. The chain exists in United States, Bermuda, Canada etc.

Fish and Chips, Britain

This simple yet delightful dish needs no introduction. It is famous all across the world. However the most deliciously cooked fish and best tartar sauce is definitely served in Britain.

Donuts, United States

United States is not only popular for its beauty but also donuts. You will find a very unique and delicious variety of donuts in cafes and bakeries of America. Don’t worry about the calories, because these are a must try.

Tom yum goong, Thailand

Tom yum goong is a spicy and sour clear soup found in the menus of Thai restaurants all across the globe, yet of course the most authentic one is served at its birthplace, Thailand. It is definitely a dish for the bold ones who have the guts to try out spicy dishes.

Hamburger, Germany

The Germans really know how to make a hamburger. If you are in Berlin or in fact any German city, don’t miss out on tasting it.

Sushi, Japan

Sushi is another dish that needs no introduction. We should thank the Japanese everyday for creating this divine dish.

Pizza Capriccioso, Italy

Whether it is Rome, Florence, Venice or Verona, Italy hands down has the best pizzas. Pizza Capriccioso is the most unique and rich flavor. It truly is worth trying.

Rendang, Indonesia

Rendang is a spicy meat dish of Indonesia that is served on ceremonial occasions. It is also widely popular in Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia.

Donor Kebab, Turkey

This Turkish dish is not only common in Turkey but also Europe and Middle East etc. Kebab wrapped in a flatbread with cucumbers, onion, tomatoes is an amazing combination.

Source by Douglas H Wise

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