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About Fethiye

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Fethiye – Turkey

This charming county is in a bay inside the Fethiye Gulf where both large and small islands are scattered and the rear of Fethiye bay is surrounded by pine forests. It is famous for its works of art belonging to the Persians, Lycians, Carians and Romans.

Fethiye has been settled over the ancient Telmessos located on the foot of Mendos Mountain, by the gulf giving its name. That's why there are many ruins remaining underneath this lovely district. Fethiye is the heartland of the excursions to the west of Lycia Region with its many accommodation opportunities, its' beautiful bays and developing yacht tourism.

As you can access Fethiye 49km to Dalaman Airport via Mugla, Antalya and Denizli roads, it is also possible to be accessed via sea. Staying in Fethiye, a town integrated with history, nature and sea, you can easily visit the antique cities around such as Cadianda, Pinara, Tloss, Sdyma, Xanthos, Letoon and Patara. Its temperature never dropping below sixteen degrees allows you to stay here for nine months and enjoy the sea.

It is the same today as it was hundreds of years ago, people fall in love with the region and settle down here. You can see the antique settlements also within Fethiye Gulf. Some of these are Krya over Bedri Rahmi Bay, Lissa and Lydia over Manastir Bay and Daidala in Inlice on the way to Gocek.


The Mediterranean climate is hot and dry during summers and rainy during winters. Temperature, which is approximately 35 degrees during summer months, is generally over 10 degrees during winter. Sea water temperature never decreases less than 16 degrees during any season.


2km away from the center of Fethiye

10km away from Blue Lagoon (Oludeniz)

49km away from Dalaman Airport

The first point of Blue Cruises

3 hours driving away from Ephesus (It is believed that this is the place where Virgin Mary lived and
spent her last days)

2 hours driving away from Pamukkale

Fethiye and regions Fethiye has been settled over the ancient Telmessos located on the foot of Me ndos Mountain, by the gulf giving its name. That's why there are many ruins remaining underneath this lovely district. Fethiye is the heartland of the excursions to the west of Lycia Region with its many accommodation opportunities available, its bays all more beautiful than each other and with its developing yacht tourism.

Blue Cruise

Blue cruising is the best way to discover Fethiye and regions. Mediterranean Sea is a treasure chest of coves, inlets, bays and beaches. Sailing around Fethiye also allows you to experience a truly enriching cultural exchange with the hospitable and gracious people of the coastal villages and towns. The tempered winds which generally blow from the west and northwest make the long summers ideal for yachting, and seem to encourage an appreciation of nature. From some of the turquoise coast's unspoiled and sheltered bays you can see mountain peaks rising to almost 3000 meters above sea level.

Blue Lagoon (Ölüdeniz)

Explore the Blue Lagoon (Ölüdeniz) where the calm crystal water is ideal for swimming and other water sports. Blue Lagoon is located near the famous tourist resort of Fethiye, Belcekiz Beach and protected as one of the natural parks of Turkey.

Ovacik village

Ovacik resort is located 4km from Ölüdeniz on the way to Fethiye. Cool breezes, fine mountains and forest views caress its hotels and holiday villages.

Hisarönü Resort

Hisarönü Resort is next to Ovacik Resort in the area. Hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping centers and the other activities describe a very colorful life for tourists. Easy transportation to Fethiye and Ölüdeniz from Hisarönü & Ovacik is provided by small buses, which takes 5 minutes to Ölüdeniz and 20 minutes to Fethiye centers.


Calis, which is one of the most striking residential and recreational centers in the region, is situated 5km North of Fethiye. With its kilometers of beach and cool evenings in the heat of the summer, Calis is especially noted for its unique sunsets. Further down from Calis, Kargi, with its beautiful beach and the incense trees, is a newly developing site with a number of hotels and holiday villages.

Butterfly Valley

Pieri Rapos, Euglapia Quadripunctia, Danaus Chtsippus and others Butterfly Valley is placed at the bottom of deep and sharp of a Valley, which is one of the most beautiful bays around Fethiye. Starting springtime for about 9-10 months more than 40 kinds of butterflies can be watched in the valley.

Gemiler bay and island

Following the road leading from Kaya Köyü, you end up at a beautiful beach surrounded by pine and olive trees. Gemiler bay is facing you to the small Island where Byzantine ruins lie tucked among the pines. A Japanese team has carried on archaeological examinations for 10 years.

Sakli kent

High in the mountains above Fethiye rushing torrents cut a narrow gorge / canyon through the mountains, creating Saklikent Gorge. A cool refugee on hot summer days, Saklikent Gorge is a favorite picnic spot with rustic restaurants serving delectable fresh trout.

From the coastline to the mountain pastures, Fethiye is the place where different cultures have mixed and colored life. Yörük (Nomads) and fisherman come together easily in a typical Fethiye picture. Folkloric values ​​as folk music, folk dances, and handcrafts, local cuisine are all different than the other regions of Turkey.

Kaya Köyü mosiacs of cultures

Beyond the Fethiye fortress going south, if you follow the road climbing up to the slope some 7km you can come to magnificent lowland where Anatolian Greeks had lived until 1922. Greens called the town Levissi in the past. Kaya Köyü in the year 1922 during the exchange of Turks in trace with Anatolian Greeks was evacuated and the new residents did not take up the existing houses. Kaya became the Ghost Town as an abandoned town after 1923.

Two churches, chapels, numerous houses, schools, library, hospital, workshops and the other structures will be soon renounced according to a project which is made by The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies and The Chamber of Turkish Architects. After the renovation, Kaya Köyü will serve as the Peace & Friendship Village and will be protected forever.


With a passion for adventure, the Oludeniz area is famous for paragliding from the top of Babadag Mountain down onto Belcekiz Beach. Flying with highly qualified pilots, passengers are briefed and issued with protective clothing. Flying from Babadag (1975 mt.) To Belcekiz Beach takes 30-40 minutes while enjoying the unique view of Oludeniz.


One of the best ways of spending a day on Calis or Belcekiz Beaches in Fethiye is windsurfing. Tuitions are available from beginner to advanced level, after which anyone can experience this challenge.


Waterskiing facilities are available all over Fethiye. There is a water sports school in Oludeniz with proper water ski boats and experienced waterskiing instructors.


Parasailing is the most relaxing of all the water sports. You can discover an untouched nature when you let the wind and the boat guide you.


Travel agencies organize one-day or two-day rafting trips. All guides are experienced professionals trained in first aid and river rescue. All kit; life jackets, rafts and paddles are provided.


The life in the sea has rich variation: fish, octopus, eels, water turtle and dolphins. Lots of different kinds of plants are waiting for underwater photographer's flashes to show their wonderful colors. Approximately 20 diving points, selected for experienced divers, are shallow rocks, impressive caves, walls and tunnels for all tastes. Diving Centers arrange daily and nightly diving tours throughout the year, both for beginners and skilled divers. You can have an unforgettable day with all your family even if they are not divers.

Skiing in Fethiye

Some parts of the Fethiye region have an altitude of between 1500 and 3000 meters and are very close to the Taurus mountain range. The most significant of these nearby mountains is the Eren Mountain which is about 100 kilometers from Fethiye.

The scenery from the top of it is impressive. On the north side you can see the bowl-like Girdev Lake that is surrounded with snow, the Antalya Mountains and the Seki plain lying youath to the southwest.

The Mugla governor has started a project to promote skiing, including the building of a cafeteria and a ski lift in the area.

Eren Mountain is a very suitable region for the tour or cross-country skiing. The Turkish Mountaineering Federation includes it on their annual program.

Jeep Safari The Jeep Safaris are organized daily to different regions by travel agencies where you can participate as a driver or a passenger and experience an adventurous journey on all sorts of roads. You discover the hidden valley, cross rivers and enjoy the sandy beach of Patara on this journey.

Horse riding

Daily rides for experienced and non experienced riders are available around the local countryside and in Kaya Village. There are also horse riding courses and horseback riding in Fethiye.

Turkish bath

You can enjoy a relaxing wash and brush up in traditional style at the Turkish Bath (Hamam). Here your skin will be scrubbed until it gleams, and the stresses and strains of everyday life will be massaged from your joints and muscles.

Lycian Road (trekking route)

The Lycian Road is a 509km way-marked footpath around the coast of Lycia in Southern Turkey, from Fethiye to Antalya. The Lycian Road is described in historical documents as a transportation system of paths connecting the 45 well known ancient city-states of Lycia. The rich flora of the Taurus Mountains and the refreshing panorama of the pine forests join the sea and the ruins of antique settlements are also on your route. During your trekking, you will come across the crowded population of the mountain villages and their interesting cultural values ​​which will make you forget your fatigue as you become accustomed to the beauty of a different lifestyle.

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