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A Few Reasons Why Americans Love Pizza

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Pizza is America's most loved food. The result of a recent study about pizza says that every family orders pizza for dinner at least once every week. From the small towns to the smallest cities, you will find pizza shops and pizza restaurants very near each other. We all know that pizza came from Italy but America has made it their own. You think of any ingredient that you can put in your pizza and chances are, you will find it in America. Have you ever wondered why Americans love pizza? Here are the top 2 reasons.

The number 1 reason is of course the variety of flavor that you can put in the pizza. Do you love meat? Do you love cheese and tomatoes? Do you love chicken? Do you love vegetables? Do you love cold cuts? Do you love spices? All of the food that you can think of can be used as topping for pizza. Americans love their pizza with lots of meat and there are hundreds and hundreds of pizza flavors with different kinds of meat.

Another reason why Americans love pizza is because it is easy to order and it arrives fast. For busy Moms who do not have time to cook after a tiring day at work, dinner is just a phone call away. And waiting period will not last longer than 30 minutes. If you are hungry and do not want to cook, pizza is a complete instant meal.

For fast and tasty dinner, pizza is the number 1 choice for Americans across the country.

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