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2 Days in Istanbul – Top Things to Do

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Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey. Besides it’s one of the 5 largest metropolitan areas in the world. It joins the 2 continents Europe and Asia. This article points out what are the best things to do in this huge city. So what shouldn’t I miss when visiting Istanbul:

Take a ferry around the Bosphorus

Istanbul is separated by the bosphorus. So a good way to view the city from the seaside is to take a ferry. Many locals use the ferries to go from one side to the other. The ferry ride takes about 15 minutes and they are leaving nearly every half hour. To have more time for photos and to see different parts of the city it’s good to take the ferry twice or more often.

Visit the Grand Bazaar

Markets have tradition in Turkey and the grand bazaar has its oldest. It’s even one of the oldest markets in the world. With more than 4.000 shops you’ll find nearly everything what you can imagine. Buy something typical Turkish and yes you have to bargain, that’s also traditional. But don’t worry, it’s a good way to get in touch with the locals and make new friendships.

Arrange a private tour with a local guide

Istanbul is really big and many residents don’t speak English. To experience the city of the eyes of a local hire an Istanbul tour guide. He can show you the real culture and can translate for you. Ask him for his favourite restaurant to eat typical Turkish food, let him show you his favourite places and ask him about Turkish history and culture. The best is to search a local guide before you, because the good guides are really busy. There are several websites that offer private tours in Istanbul.

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