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10 Tips to Improve Your Pizza Flyers

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1. Does it say Pizza?

Even though your pizza menu design may be brilliant, a work of art and completely in tune to your target audience, it's useless if it does not "scream out" PIZZA DEALS to your customer. Your flyer design needs to tell customers what you are all about (Pizza) without even trying. This is so that people who just skim through flyers, mail and leaflets will see they have a pizza restaurant menu flyer straight away, without reading anything at all. Then the next time they want Pizza they will recall they have a pizza menu somewhere and actively seek out your pizza menu flyer. Only at this point will the customer then read on to find out about your business!

2. Is it Easy to Read?

Your flyer menu design needs to include reasonably sized clear and easy to read fonts. You may think a detailed, elaborate swirly font looks like, but if it makes it hard to read it's only going to damage your sales.

3. Go Full Color.

You need to ensure that your pizza flyers are produced in full color. A grayscale leaflet may save you a little money on your order but can cost you hundreds in sales and there are plenty of other ways you can save money on your leaflets without compromising on their quality and effectiveness.

4. Include a Coupon Strip.

A coupon strip will ensure you grab the attention of all your customers who may otherwise pass by your leaflet for another establishment. Adding a coupon strip to your flyer design will improve sales dramatically.

5. Invent a mascot!

If your business does not have a mascot already you should definitely consider one and include it in your flyer menu. Mascot images have highly effective pulling power and can help improve your company branding to make you stand out as a unique and memorable pizza restaurant.

6. Make the front stand out.

Use everything in your power to make the front of your flyer design stand out. That means mascot, images of food, your logo, bright colors and special offers or deals that can attract people such as "Free delivery". Include your coupon strip on the front of your flyer as well. This will ensure when people see your flyer, even if it's only for a brief moment, they will be compelled to find out more and could make the difference between moving on to another establishment, or choosing yours.

7. Use high quality images.

Including photos of your food is always a great bonus to help entice people into purchasing foods from your business and can increase sales dramatically on both popular dishes and the less known dishes. However, poor quality, grainy, low light and low resolution imagery can have the opposite effect on your sales.

8. Check it Twice, Then Check it Again!

Check all your spelling, punctuation, grammar, and alignments in your flyer design. Poorly edited text with spelling errors or alignment errors can have a substantial negative impact on your pizza flyers and business.

9. Include Meal Deals.

Everyone loves a good meal deal and it can help you to grab potential customer's attention if you offer a meal deal that they are interested in. Choosing popular products for meal deals will improve your sales.

10. Distribution is a factor.

No pizza flyer printing job is successful without the aid of a sufficient menu delivery method. Using distribution techniques for your menu printing job such as direct mailing and supplying a menu with every order will ensure you have a reliable and steady sales income and ensure the effectiveness of your flyers.

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