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10 Pizza Facts You Did Not Know

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In the world of pizza and pizza lovers, we have found 9 facts that will hopefully illuminate your bread knowledge. We all know that there are a ridiculous number of chains out there. To name a few Dominos, Papa Johns, Little Caesars all serve one thing but at different grades, which causes us to favor the other better.
These bread facts are highly accurate and may need to be updated on a yearly basis.

1) Anchovies are the least sold topping in the world.
2) Eating cold pizza is one of the growing trends in the food world.
3) Nearly 4 billion pizzas are sold in the US alone in a year.
4) Orders by phone during super bow (Sunday) rise by 64 percent.
5) 65 percent of all order cheese pizza orders are due to shortage of cash.
6) Most women in America order veggie toppings.
7) As you are reading this, two Papa Johns parlors in the US will receive a phone order.
8) The weirdest topping rated by the Pizza Factory is squid.
9) The largest chain in the US is Pizza Hut.
10) Meat lovers is the most craved topping.
11) 72 percent of Americans (that drink soda) drink coke while eating.
12) Only 4 percent of Americans care to use pizza coupons [http://allpizzacoupons.info/].
13) Chain Giants like Domino's and Papa Johns spend 90 percent of their advertising budget for TV commercials.
14) The first pizza shop opened in 1905 in New York City.

Source by Chris Tipily

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